Hello everyone, my name is Yeni Khairina, some people call me Yeni, Mak Yeni, or Jenny (using the red scarf in the first picture was me) :3. I am from Bogor Agricultural University (Microbiology Major). I join the long term PARE program for 6 months until March 2015.

It is the first experience for me to visit Japan. So many people ask me about “how it feels to live at Japan? Did you really enjoy it?” then I just give the short answer "hey…it’s AWESOME". About experiences…hem…..too much till I can’t tell here one by one.  Maybe for the first time there is a little bit culture shock with the lifestyle here where the people is really discipline (well…. I am not really good with that) and appreciate about the time, but yeah…it doesn’t matter at all, now it actually gives a really positive impact for changing my bad habit. I remember that the aim of this program is to foster our ability of cultural understanding among the diverse cultures. And yeah….that’s totally true…... a greater sense of love grows towards my own culture as well as the other culture through this program. Along this months, I have joined some cultural festival where many countries proudly showed and performed their respective cultures (Ishikari festival and HUISA). For example in Ishikasri Festival, I have an opportunity to try traditional dress like Kimono (with a long part of sleeves, if I am not wrong they said it is for the woman before married), Ao dai (from vietnam), and traditional dress from Cameeroon. In addition, I also enjoyed a very fabulous performance from another country like how to make mochi, barongsai, japanes traditional games, face painting, dance performance, and many others. But, the most memorable part (now I am crying) is having a chance to introduce my own culture. In that time, we played Angklung and cook some Indonesian food (Nasi Goreng). Hem…Honestly, I was very nervous because it was my first time to play that traditional Instrument. I felt that my hand become so stiff and trembling due to many eyes looking on us. But then, I started to think that “hem….ok just enjoy it! Good or bad are not the point now! Have fun and keep smile while you still have teeth” then Voi-laa....big applause for our performance especially when we try to play sukiyaki song with angklung. I was very happy no…we were very happy, and Indonesia also very happy that many people appreciate our culture as well as we appreciate the other culture. I really grateful that there are so many kind of cultural events held especially in Hokkaido because it really gives us the chance to introduce our culture while learn about the other culture as well. OWESOME J  

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