Self Introduction

Hello everyone, 

My name is Mohammad Azis Mahardika, and you can call me "Mada", My friend Tomoya said that the word "Mada" have 2 meaning, the first meaning is "Not Yet" and the second meaning is "Future" sugoooi. hahaha..

I am a Master student in Institut Teknologi Bandung and my major is mechanical engineering and now I'm study in Faculty of Engineering as a member of Energy Conversion Laboratory with Chikahisa sensei as my supervisor. My research is about fuel cell in this laboratory.

I still remember the summer school program, 2 weeks that gave me such experience and from that experience I learnt many things from the program. and thank you very much for all my summer school friends. i hope we can meet again in the "future".

Mohammad Azis Mahardika
PARE ID: PARE 26-009

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