Konnichiwa!Hajime mashite. Suthin Iampaisarn desu.
Kasetsarto daigaku kara kimashita.

I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Suthin Iampaisarn. All of you can call me easier “BONG” and in hiragana Japanese “ぼん” . My japanese’s friend in Sapporo who participated summer school PARE program 2014 gave me if Japanese cannot pronounce my name, I can show to them and let them pronounce. “Hahaha” 

I am a student in master degree of Aquaculture (Laboratory of Molecular Genetics in Fish), Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, Thailand. My study plan in Japan is about gene expression analysis of sex determination factor gene in prawn but actually my thesis (research study) for master degree in Thailand is “Producing a functional recombinant protein Macrobrachium rosenbergii Androgenic Gland Hormone in the giant freshwater prawn. However, those gene which I study is related together which I think that it will strengthen my knowledge in the sex determination in prawn. My desired supervisor in Hakodate Campus, Hokkaido University is Shigeho IJIRI sensei.

Although, the time has passed month ago and so fast, but I feel like tomorrow is my lecture class of summer school and after class or field works, we have discussion always due to the fact that I can’t forget those my friends. Actually, My English skill is very poor but everybody attempted to hear and understand me so thank you very much to everyone.

Doozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


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