The journey of life (6 months for PARE program in Hokkaido) and this is my self-introduction


     Let me introduce my name first!! My name's PUTCHAKARN Awassada you can call me Mika or Mean (depend on you)  the 2nd master's degree student of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture from Kasetsart University Thailand. In this PARE long-term program I'm study Animal nutrition in faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University, My research is PCR-based analysis of gut microbiota: detection and quantitation of health promoting and harmful bacteria. Anyway, if you see me in some where please greeting me, you can talk to me anything anytime! :)

 Basically, I really not sure what I should to write down in this blogger (sorry) but I will tell to you why I'm come here...

  Everyone have their own dream and want to follow it, me neither. I have this big dream when I was young I talk to myself that I need to go to live in outside my country (Thailand) whatever short or long time because I’m really want to know how big world is? How difference from my country (the culture, weather, people and lifestyle) how can I survive in abroad? I’m really need to clutch this experience until May, 2014 I got the wonderful news from my advisor to join the PARE program in Hokkaido University, Japan. I’m really happy and nervous I don’t know that sensai from Hokkaido University will interested my self-introduction or not. Not too long to waiting for result Boong (PARE friend) ring to me and tell the unbelievable news that they are interested me and I can join PARE program as Summer school and Long-term program.
Alright, time to fly to Hokkaido...
    I'm arrived to New-Chitose airport on August 23rd, 2014 around 9 AM by Thai Airway spends 7 hours journey from Bangkok, Thailand to Hokkaido, Japan. First time in Japan is quite difficult to me because they aren't speak English so we usually misunderstand but luckily I still have kindness supporter (they are your laboratory members)
   The summer school start on August 25th, 2014 to September 11st, 2014 (around 3 weeks) there's lots of memory in the summer school (sorry that I'm unable to tell whole story) 
basically, I can keep a lot of experience from PARE Summer School such as I can working in team with foreigner friends very well  and solve problems together, we can learn foreigner culture and share our culture with friends (I've a lot of nice friends from PARE program) and the most important is we learn that Japanese people are really care about environment and save the world as much as possible and how do Japanese people solve the pollution problem and new technology to use green energy like sun biogas and wind.

   Time to say good bye PARE Summer School and friends that back to their country :( 
now, my journey in Hokkaido is step to PARE long-term program. The long term program is take time for 1 semester that I have to register course subjects and researching.
In the new country, new friends, new environment Thai girl like me must improve and develop myself as much as I could and I will tell you next season what going on with me!!!

                                                                         Thank you for reading 

                                                               PUTCHAKARN  Awassada (Mika)

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  1. Hai mika, i'm Dhila from indonesia, i want to know how to follow the PARE programs (PARE Summer School and PARE long-term program) because until now i don't know the information about it. How the details? how the process? how to apply? and many others. can you help me to give information and explain it? do you get a scholarship? thank you before