Self Introduction and Good feeling in Hokkaido

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

     My name is Parichat Buaban and my friend call me See. I come from Kasetsart University, Thailand. Now, I am studying summer school and long term semester of PARE program. I presently live in hokkaido university international house kita23 building2. You can contact me at Plant Nutrition Laboratory during daytime.
     According to my first oversee trip, I was excited when arrived at new chitose airport ,Sapporo and worried about language barrier and cultural difference. After I met my supporter, I felt relieve due to his kindness and well support. He is Japanese student (so handsome) from the same laboratory with me. My first meal in Japan was “Ramen”, a fabulous noodle.
After that, we went to Hokkaido University. where has beautiful nature and good studying atmosphere. During my PARE program summer school, I met new friends from different countries. Although we come from different countries and religions, we can live and work together. We always had group discussion about our acquaintance and correction problem. Everyone can share their own knowledge, idea and work by using English as a communication language. Even though, my English skill is not quite good, my friends understood and helped me a lot in lecture and field work during my program.
     I had a wonderful time with PARE activities program with friends. In specialized field lab work, I stayed at Agriculture sector at Shizunal livestock farm.  I could practice various skills with international friends in particular harmony, learning cooking and sporting. I love to work with team especially opinion and idea exchange. PARE program allows me to have the opportunities to see sustainability energy source for Japanese people. for example, Tomakomai oil storage, Tomatoh-atsuma thermal plant power plant, Maruyama Zoo, Ishikari LNG terminal, Solar energy, Wind power, Cold snow energy, Biogas plant at Machimura farm and Hakodate research center for Fisheries and Oceans. They are new things and valuable for my experience. I think I can adopt this experience with my study and career path in the future. I sometimes have free time, so I went to party, cooking and shopping with my friends. Therefore, I would recommend PARE program to other students who wish to gain their experience in agricultural knowledge, life style and oversee stay with different cultural friends. 

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