Jojo’s Diary : October Part 2_Jojo’s Mission in Season Change

Hello every one, Happy Halloween Ha ha ha ha …

I’m Jojo (ジョジョ). Can you remember me? I very happy to tell my experience again, and I hope you will also happy with this.

This month, we are very funny with party. I mean “Halloween Party”. I have a Halloween Party with my Thai friends and Thai senior here for new comer welcome party. I met many people, we are very funny with Thai Karaoke and this day I am a witch. Everyone happy and funny with my singing and dancing because I am so sexy 555+

And for my study for this month I already start my research. It’s about “Separation of PVC and ABS with Copper Wire by using Jig Separation” for recycling the plastic waste.
For this month, everything has change. Temperature go down very fast in some night it’s -2oc, The leaf on the tree change from green to yellow, orange and red and fall down on the road. I am very love this season because red, orange and yellow ( Hot tone color) , It’s my favorite color. And in my autumn, I am very happy about my weight, its go down 8 kg (I will have a slim body ><!!!)

          This is my life in the end of October, I am very happy. And for next and next next month, I will be happy everyday and waiting (maybe fighting) for my first snow he he he.

For this month, Bye Bye..............................................................Happy Halloween day Ha ha ha ha …5555+

To be continued…


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