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Sixth moments in my life, Hokkaido [Arm]

Hello! Everyone : ))

I am “Arm”. Today, I will tell a different story ago to you. Last week, my laboratory has a big cleaning day because of prepare to start work in New Year.

20 December 2014, I attend “Sapporo University International Festival”. In Party have peoples to join and Thai dancing show by Jojo, Fern, and Toko. Toko, she is Japanese people and interest in Thai traditional dance.

29 December 2014, I go to Otaru with my friends. It is my second time but this month, it is different because it has snow white.

And do not forget this month (31 Dec 2014) have Happy New Year 2015. You can enjoy with me.

“Bye bye 2014, welcome to 2015”. See you next year. :D

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The journey of my life 6; The season of celebration.

Good day for the last day of the year, all.

I wish you enjoy yourself and and have some fun on new year day.

Welcome party for Dr. Seksom and Dr. Sukanya from Kasetsart University, Thailand
with Our laboratory members and Prof. Kobayashi.

              On Dec 16th, 2014 I heard a great news that Thai professors from Kasetsart University will come to PARE meeting and visit us. we've talking about what we got from PARE program, What we study, How life here, Is that different from Thailand? We all said it's truely different (I will tell you on the final presentation). After we finished to meeting with Thai professors, Prof. Kobayashi, my laboratory members and I took Thai professors to Japanese restaurant to make a close relationship between our universities especially department of Animal science.

End year party of Animal Nutrition Laboratory.
            All of laboratory in Hokkaido University have party at the end of the year it's Japanese tradition. I have a lucky deal to join them and deep in my heart I was realised that my time to spend with them it's almost gone. the Japanese party is easy we just need to have place for everyone, some drink like beer, sake and tea, food and snacks. we are just need enjoyable talking and laugh it all is great for good communicate between Sensei and students.

International Christmas party.

            On Dec 22nd, 2014 I have chance to join Hokkaido International student Christmas party. this is a great chance to visit new friends all around the world as I make new friends from Hungary, Russia, Korea, China, Vietnam and Japan. we all decorated Christmas cake and eat together it was very tasty and I think when we do something together with strangers it's very nice thing to help us make friends.

Our Chrismas cake

             The year 2014 will gone and tomorrow is begin to next new year 2015, we can't change the past but all we can do is keep all of happiness in our memories and left all of sadness with year 2014. Let's start new better life in new year long. Please get up with smile on your face Happy New Year :)  
My cute Chinese friend and I when we decorating cake.

Ms. PUTCHAKARN  Awassada  (Mika)

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Jojo’s Diary : December Part 2_I am Superstar

Hi! Minna-san, This is my last blog of this year.

          This year is my great year for me. I have a good chance to study in Japan for 1 year. I receive many experience from here. I will keep every in my memory.

          In the second part of this month, everything is fun because of this time is End Year's Party. I went to Odori Park, there are "Sapporo White Illumination" here. 

         And in 20th December, I have Thai traditional dance and fashion show in "Sapporo Universities International Festival" with Fern and Toko(Japanese friend who interest in Thai traditional dance).

          And next day after the show, I and my friend are in Hokkaido Newspaper. Wow!! I am a Superstar.

         In 29th December, I and my friend went to Otaru again. But this time is different from last time, rain change to snow everything change to white. But It also beautiful.

          And in this month, I draw a picture for everyone to say "Happy New Year". In this picture, I draw sheep and goat because in next year is the year of goat in Thai and the year of sheep in Japanese. 

Bye Bye 2014 ลาก่อน ๒๕๕๗, Happy New Year 2015 สวัสดีปีใหม่ ๒๕๕๘


See you next year.
To be continued…

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New Year party!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallo guys. In this month, I have 3 New Year party. The first party in Japanese class with new friends from Korean, Czech and Chinese. The second party with my friend in our laboratory, we cooked some Japanese food it very delicious. And the last party with my sensei and our laboratory, before party we cleaned our laboratory in the morning and then we went to some restaurant for party. I am very happy in this month. I hope all of you enjoy and happy in this New Year!!

Cooking Japanese food

Big cleaning
New Year party

<<Thank you for read>>....Ratchanok..(som-o)

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Nichaphat's activity

     Hi! Everyone.

                    I am Tan. I am glad to see everyone!
                    In this month, I have Christmas party in Japanese class with my new friends from Korean    
     and Chinese.

                                                              Christmas party in Japanese class

                      The university closes at Dec, 27 (2014) to Jan, 4 (2015). I have Christmas and New year party with TAKAGI sensei's laboratory.

                        I am very happy in this month. Everyone is very nice.
                        New year day is coming soon. I and my friends have a travel plan at Aomori. ^^

                       See you in NEW YEAR (2015)…
                       Have a good trip!

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Open Letter: End Year Greetings

Dear Friends,

Through the grace of God, we are almost bidding 2014 goodbye. This year was indeed a prosperous one for me, with several milestones coming to pass.

This is the year that I met all of you, and so you can appreciate that my friends list grew immensely. I am grateful to have met you, you, and you. Thank you for every moment we shared; a chat, laughter, a smile, a grin, a snub, and all manner of occasions that we engaged in together.

This is the year that I earned the opportunity to come to HU, an opportunity to build my research skills, expand my cross-cultural capacity, cultivate the frontier spirit in me, increase my knowledge, and multiply my experience.

This is the year that I sired another offspring and thus doubling my fatherhood, increasing my kingdom, and multiplying my wisdom.

This is the year that is leading us to the next one. May we brace ourselves for the leap, the leap that will strengthen our friendship further, the leap that will culminate in yet greater things in each of us.

I take this juncture to wish each one of us a very prosperous, rewarding, and splendid 2015.

Yours truly,


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Enjoying this winter and Happy New Year all !!!

Hallo guys.. I hope all of you still be blessed every time. How about winter? i think spending winter in Hokkaido is an amazing experience. In this month, I already try ski walking and ski rafting which is very interesting. Furthermore, I also have tried Japanese new year dishes which is very delicious.
I hope all of you also enjoy this winter, and Happy New Year!!

 enjoyed walking ski 

 enjoyed otaru ice cream

 Nice view in the early morning from my room

 Japanese New year Dishes

 Snow Bed

 Ski Rafting

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Halo PARE member...
Happy winter break all. What are you doing in this winter holiday..?
I believe almost people just want to stay inside with a cup of hot tea and close the curtains. However, during the winter it can be even more important to maintain an active lifestyle, like going to a gym. I think this is the better time to join a gym. It would help us to fight off many deceases and illness during the winter. It is said that exercise would increase our immune system. It also can offer us protection against fever, cold, and flu.
Speaking of which, I found Hokkaido University Training Center (University gym) near International Student Center. It is open from 7 am until 10 pm in weekdays. Moreover, it is free for student, staff, and anyone associated with the university. The place is enjoyable and comfortable to exercise, and the equipment is quite complete. Any exercise you can try there.   

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4
So, lets go to gym...!


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Yogyakarta trip and farewell with friends and 2014

 Around Christmas day I went to yogyakarta(Jogja). It took 22 hours from Bogor to Jogja because of long distance(about 400km) and macet(traffic jam)..I have to thank my friends driving much. In Jogja, I ate nasi garing(traditional food in central Jawa), went to sea and went to some historical places including Borobudur(one of the World Heritage in Indonesia). In jogja there are no angkot(not like Bogor) and many becak(人力車) and delman(馬車), and I felt it's like different country from Bogor. Borobudur was magnificent and I felt It deserves World Heritage. There were over 2500 of relieves and  stories about the Buddha were depicted on some of them. In Jogja also there were much traffic jam but I could enjoy much.
Then today, My Japanese friends have gone to Japan.
Though I'm going to miss them, I have to keep working hard from now also in Indonesia.
everyone! 良いお年を!

nasi garing



one of the relieves


farewell with my Japanese friends

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Post on Newspaper !!! よいお年を

Post on Newspaper !!!!

                In December, that's so many busy. because i have class, experiment and show!!. But i don't want to talk about class or experiment,  i will tell everyone about "The Show"

               Do you know "Traditional Thai Dancing"?   "Traditional Thai Dancing" is so beautiful for every one and hard for practice but i'm very fortunately because i used to practice "Traditional Thai Dancing" when i was 6 - 12 years old. so, when i went to Japan i hope i will show "Traditional Thai Dancing" for every one and i hope every one impressive in "Traditional Thai Dancing". And when i went to Japan i have chance show "Traditional Thai Dancing" 2 times and fashion show!!. That's so good for me.

Thai cloth

"Traditional Thai Dancing"

Fashion Show

             That's so surprising because in newspaper of Japan post our picture. we are so famous!!. Thank you every body for produce the good fair and give chance for me. I'm very happy.

Post on newspaper of Japan

finally, now the last time for this year



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Winter and New Year Activities

December 28, 2014.


December 23 is holiday. Some PARE students and me have great opportunity to join winter and New Year activities with some Asian students. The activities were consisted of 3 parts.

First part is walking ski and rafting. In the morning, we can try walking on the snow by using ski shoes. It is very easy and interesting. It is not dangerous as I imagine.

Walking ski
Then, after ski walking we can try snow rafting. We are sitting on the boat while a jet ski drags us on the snow. We can feel the snowflakes hitting our face while on the boat. We wanna faster speed!
Snow rafting

At noon, we're served with Japanese New Year's dishes named Osechi Ryouri (おせちりょうり). Every element in the dishes is meaningful. It’s very healthy and delicious (おせち料理は健康で、おいしかったです).
Japanese New Year's dishes
The last session is picture letter drawing, named Etegami (えてがみ). We're taught how to make えてがみ. えてがみ is a postcard containing picture and message. I'm bad at drawings but I try my best. がんばりましょう。

Thanks for reading. どうも。

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Activity before New year

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University
Nearby to the new year , I feel the time pass very fast from the first arrival date until right now about four months in Sapporo. Thus I would like to say that goodbye the old year and welcome the new year . And activity in every laboratory  indispensable is party. For year-end party  in my laboratory, we went to “Toriyosakanayo”. This restaurant has various foods in menu for your choice. Our orders were Nabe, Sashimi, Salada, Tsukemono, Salmon karage and other. And if you want to go to there, it is located at north3, west2. It have be an enjoy day because everything are very tasty “とてもおいしい”.  
Japanese food is Nabe
             When the last week, Our Plant Nutrition laboratory has big cleaning. My staff  told me, they usually have big cleaning  once a year. It has been doing this time before the new year. We usually have small cleaning every week on Monday. Big cleaning is not just clean up but it is demonstrated the cooperation of us. Then thing at you think it difference contract  it easily for us. This work was enjoy, we (Japanese, Chinese, Indonesia and Thailand people) helped to do big cleaning together.
We are ready for cleaning this here
Screening experiment
            Second experiment is Screening of aluminium(Al) tolerance of rice and barley root. Koshihikari is famous rice cultivar in Japan for this experiment. Those were take longer than one week. The First, Seed of rice and barley surface sterilize in sodium hypochlorite and wash with water. And start soaking only rice seed for three days. Germination on a nylon screen placed in 0.2 mM CaCl2, pH 4.9 at 28°C for three days. And measuring root growth elongation before transfer to aluminum solution. Seedling were transferred to 10 µM AlCl3 , pH 4.9 at 28°C  include CaCl2  and prepare with  CaCl2 was controled treatment  for one day. After treatment measured root growth elongation for calculate in RRE  (Relative root elongation) value.
Relative root elongation (RRE) of rice (orange) and barley (blue)

For the result, Rice has more RRE value than barley because root of rice growing more than barley in Al stress. Thus, Rice is more Al tolerance than barley cultivars. 

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HU - ITB Symposium

Konnichiwa, Mada des.

Last week, there are Symposium in Hokkaido University with ITB ( Institut Teknologi Bandung ) held by Faculty of Engineering. In this Symposium there are 8 Lecturer from ITB comes, which is 4 of them is my lecturer in Mechanical Engineering faculty. In this Symposium every person present about their research and introduce about the education system in their University, so we can exchange the information and compare the education system.

The Pare and Symposium handout.

In this Symposium, the PARE program also introduced by Hatano-Sensei, and after the presentation, we discuss together to improve the output of PARE program.

Hatano Sensei present about PARE program.

Last, after the Symposium we took a picture together, and we ate lunch together at Elm restaurant. and with this symposium we hope ITB and Hokkaido University will cooperate together and will work together in the future, maybe made a program like a joint research program, dual degree program, exchange program, etc, 

I and Sugi take photo together with ITB lecturer and Kobayashi Sensei.

That's one of my activity during my stay in this campus.

Thank you, and keep fighting


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