The journey of my life 8; First time cross country ski

Good day everyone!

I'm very apologise to write this blog so late because I have to preparing the slideshow for final presentation next this Tuesday. Yes It's very soon and I will go back to Thailand soon as well (I'm too sad to leave)!!!!!

My first time cross country ski
My professor asked me and my friends to skiing but we are have never had ski experience so we have to skiing by starter course that's called "Cross country ski"
The cross country ski is the place for starting skiing from the ground it's the big park have little slopes but not as big as mountain.
The park for cross country ski

I don't know what are you thinking about snow skiing but I think it's very scary and difficult
I'm to scare to walk in the ski boards, It's slip and can't walk freely that makes me fall down more than 20 times.
we have to lei ski shoes on these boards

There're 2 sticks for pull and balancing (this is Fern which she try to lay on ski boards) 

The cross country ski is not as expensive as real skiing we need just 200 JPY to rant ski shoes, boards and sticks.
to skiing we must makes sure that ski shoes are fit and locked on the board or not, take the weight on the toes and don't be scared
the sticks are used for pull ourselves go ahead and stop when we need to stop.

So this is video when we are skiing. the wonderful time the great memory who knows will I have chance to skiing again.

thank you to read my blog, Hope you all have fun every day in yourlife


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