Hatsumode and Hatsuhinode


Happy New Year everyone, how was your fuyuyasumi (ふゆやすみ), it's great isn't it?.

Today i would like to write about my activities during New Year, and this is my first experience to celebrate the new year outside of my country. So, i didn't know the tradition about new year activities in Japan. Then, i search the information in the internet and i found Hatsuhinode and Hatsumode. So, i decided to do Hatsuhimode and Hatsumode.

1. HATSU HINODE, (初日の出)
Hatsuhinode is seeing the sun rises in the first day of the New Year.  So, i decided to do the Hatsuhinode at Moiwayama. I go to Moiwayawa using cable car, and arrived there at 6.30 AM. when i arrived there the place is very crowded, so i didn't get the good place for see the Hatsuhinode, and the weather is cloudy, so it's hard to see the sun. but after waiting 30 minutes, finally the sun has seen and many people take the photo of that scenery. it's very beautiful there but very cold hahaha. Then after that i go to Shrine for to see Hatsumode.

2. Hatsumōde (初詣, hatsumōde)
Hatsumode is the first shrine visit on the New Year. I arrived there at 12.00 AM, and i see many people gathered there to do the praying, outside of the shrine there are many people selling food that looks very delicious, so i bought many of the food ( takoyaki, dorayaki, grilled squid, potato cake ), after finishing my food, i go back to my dormitory.

So, that;s all of my story, thank you very much..

Good Bye 2014, and Welcome 2015.. Hope we will do much better in this year.
Yoi Otoshiyo..

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