Research: Solving Problem with Problem?

Hi, this is yunita’s writing.
Happy New Year! Hope this year will bring a good fortune for all of us, amiin..

So, how about your New Year party? About sending new year post card? Eating soba? And the most important is about your new goal?
Yaa, I will discuss a little bit about New Year goal.

Time passes so fast, and finally it just about 6 weeks left before I came back to Indonesia. In this left time, (I though) all of PARE student are in hurry. Most of us come to Hokkaido University to finishing our thesis, whether just for writing, for completing data, or starting the research here. The case for me is starting and finishing my thesis in Hokkaido University. So, what’s about your progress???
Let me said, from 1 to 10, maybe I just passed 5 points. Ya,, just a half! What did you do for the last 5 months? How can I say? Of course I did the experiment, I did my research. But, not everything in Japan goes smoothly.

Research is about solving, discovering or finding the answer for some problem. My “thesis” problem is about finding new method for making tempe that having good health benefit. Actually I started my research before I come to Japan. I made my own tempe in Indonesia, and dried it so I can bring it to Japan. After arriving in Japan, I started to do the experiment in my laboratory, trying to do the extraction of my tempe and then test my tempe extract in some assay to find the most impressive health benefit.
But, the way didn’t work smoothly. Some problem occurred in the process, such as failed to growth the cell, failed to extracts the lipid, failed in coloring lipid, failed to filter, and now failed to get the spectrum in HPLC.
Result of "un-used" HPLC data

Hahaha,, in somehow, I just want to cry but also want to laugh at myself. But, I don’t have any time for regret. The edge of the runway has been seen. Just smile and keep moving forward. These are the only ways to solve the research problem, so you can solve your thesis problem. Yup, this is my New Year goal, to solve my reserach probelm and solving the “hidden problem”. Hope I can finish and do my best for my thesis here and come back safely tin Indonesia, continue some experiment, writing thesis, seminar, and finally I will graduate on August 2015 ^_^...


Location: Hokkaido University, 5 Chome Kita 8 Jōnishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō 060-0808, Jepang
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