New Year Travel ; part 2

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

After travel at Hokkaido in New Year, I had a chance to travel to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. I had took Vanilla air from Chitose airport and arrived Narita airport at Tokyo in the mornimg. Climate of Tokyo is very low but temperature not minus and no snow during the trip. I began traveling from Narita airport to accommodation in Shinjuku. The first place to visit was Sensoji Temple. The temple is the oldest temple for many people come to the temple to seek blessings of the Asakusa  Kannon deity. It was the epicenter for the development of Edo culture. The front entrance has the huge lanterns hung at Kaminari(Thunder) as an important symbol.
Sensoji Temple

After that, I went to the Tokyo Skytree where is a world class landmark and with a height of 634 meters. Once up to the top of  Tokyo Skytree, it has a view of panoramic of the Kanto region. It is  the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world.
Tokyo Skytree

Harajuku is a district in Shibuya of Tokyo as a center of Japanese adolescence in shopping and fashion dress code of independent boutiques. Advanced modern and low prices in miscellaneous jewelry and clothing stores are around the area. Harajuku is the origin of delicioud Crepes and Pancakes.
Shopping and fashion center at Harajuku

             I also visited beautiful views of Mount Fuji  the highest mountain in Japan as height as 3776 meters. It is a popular place for people to travel. The mountain can be seen from Tokyo on sky clear days. You can see better beautiful  views in the morning and evening  than at noon.
Mount Fuji

            Before I returned to Hokkaido, I was in Tokyo again at Tokyo Tower for New Year countdown. Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower. Its height is 333 meters. The inspired of structure is from an Eiffel Tower lattice tower that is painted white and orange colour. There are a lot of people come here for countdown same with me in that night.
Tokyo Tower

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