Nichaphat-The end of Feb (2015)

Good evening, PARE members

                     In the end of this month (Feb), I have many works and classes. I have to write Japanese words, do some reports and power points. I learn about setting time for doing these works and analyze my works from my sensei.

Introduction of fisheries class

                      This week, I went to Ohnuma Quasi-Nation park for fishing small fish. It's first time for me to fishing in the ice hole on snow. It had many holes for fishing. I change holes every time. I got a little fish. I think it's difficult to get fish because I did not have fishing skill. I saw the fox during I fishing.

Ohnuma Quasi-Nation park

 Fish…(come here!)
 Fishing in the ice hole
The fox

This is my life in this month. I hope everyone will have happy in Japan.
Take care ^^
Nichapaht (Tan)

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