NAMFON before new year

         Last two weeks of 2014, I have had experienced varieties of activities with many people. For the most exciting part it was snowboarding that was my first time with this which really hard at the beginning (it took me half day to get used to it) but after that when it starting to get a flow on it, it goes fast and so much fun I have ever had before!

At Kiroro resort

As you now during the end of the year a lot of Japanese came out to celebrate and thanks for hard work for all year passed which is called "Bonenkai". So this Bonenkai I had is with PARE member from summer school 2013. We had  eating shabu-shabu together and sharing many things together. Such a wonderful night for us.

PARE members 2013

After that I got a chance to joined my lab's trip to Yoichi and Otaru. That day it was really cold outside but we had fun together by tasting whisky, making glass jewelry and walking along together. Even it was not my first time but I had enjoyed for the whole day and more memories with my lab's friends.
At Otaru's canal 

 Even almost the end of the year but we still have lab works to study but after the experiment we went to Mohan dish and relief the tiredness with chicken curry and naans.

At Mohan dish restuarant
I have ended up my year with Tokyo trip with one of my Chinese friend from Hokudai and my Thai
friends from Kasetsart university. I have had explored many places around Tokyo with my friends that was full of fun and happiness till the end of the year. Thank you everyone :D

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