Let's Cook

          One thing we cannot deny that if exchange student wants to travel in the weekend, they have to save money. I'm the one in this case.
         Everyone keep told me that if you want to save money, you have to cooking
         Then, let's cook!

        In Thailand, if you live alone, stay in a dorm, have only one room, cooking is not a good way to save money. Sometimes it cost more than you buy it in the restaurant and it also make bad smell in you room.
        I'm not good at cooking but if I want to survive in Sapporo with money then I have to cook. I have stay here for 20 days and I have made many things for eating. Then, it turns that cooking is fun more than I think.
       Everyday when I want to eat something, I will search how to in Google.  I have learnt to make spaghetti, Japanese Kare, Green kare, french fries, etc.  

Green kare, Thank you for fujiko san who help me cook this


          Moreover, I have tried some Indonesia food which I don't know the name but it very delicious. Thank you all friends for your kindness. Many things I use to think it's hard to do is easy than I thought. I think next time, I will try to cook Indonesia food, too.
        Cooking is really fun, don't you think?


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