New Year Travel ; part1

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

Hi, every one welcome to New Year in 2015. I hope everyone very happy with New Year’ s celebrations. For me, I went to other places inside and outside Sapporo such as Otaru and Tokyo city. In New Year Travel part 1, I will explain about place in Sapporo of my visited. The first place, I went to Hokkaido Jingu Shrine. This place was built more than 140 years ago for the purpose of housing the guardian deity who would protect and watch over the pioneering of Hokkaido. Before I can go inside the Shrine, I have to clean myself at the Temizuya (water basin). Then go inside for pray and worship the deities by follow the step of prayer.  I also went to Chocolate faculty, Beer museum and visited at Suzukino and Tanukikoji  for shopping.
Hokkaido Jingu Shrine
The next station is Ishiya Chocolate factory.  When I walked into that place. I could see garden in European style and at that moment the place comprised with snow and beautiful surrounding. In the building I saw chocolate meticulously process. Receptionist give the chocolate cookie for everyone at the entrance. After that I tried some delicious chocolate and indispensable to buy as souvenirs for my friends.
Ishiya Chocolate Factory
After that I went to Sapporo Beer Museum and this was the second time here in snow season. This is the first place of beer in Japan. It has been the most famous and popular beer brands including one of oldest place. Inside they have the story about beer production, advertising, packaging and others. The place is ready to accommodate the beer tasting in various flavor.They also have beer products such as chocolate, ice cream and other souvenirs.
Sapporo Beer Museum
My next station is Otaru. Otaru is one of the oldest cities in Japan and especially Otaru Canal. In the story, the first half of the 20th century the city was busy port transported to the ware house storing along the canal. Place was previous as warehouse transformed into museum, shops of souvenir and restaurants. The city is indispensable to buy back home as souvenirs such as music box in form typical models and products made of glass. Since they are famous in Otaru.
Otaru Canal

Snow man made from glass

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