Lecture of "Sustainability VII" remind me PARE Program

So, I took one class of CENSUS, the Lectures that talk about"Sustainability VII".

Since the first topic about Plant Ecology from Kohyama Sensei it's already cought all my interest. And the class continue with others sparkling topics, such as: Ecosystem ecology, Nitrogen footprint, Watershed sustainability, GIS Analysis of ecosystem services, etc.

Actually this lecture had field trip schedule to Tomakomai Experimental Forest to observe directly about low temperature forest condition. Unfortunately, that program has been cancel because of the bad weather, and it was good, because there was a blizzard on that day, hmm,. If I'm not mistaken it's January 7th. I'm sure all Sapporo students saw that gorgeous phenomenon.

Yap,., I knew it's too bad that Program was cancel, but don't worry this Lecture can never stop to be rock n roll. At the end of the day, the topics getting hot and hotter, they were talked about Satellite remote sensing, Land change science, Winter ecology, Sustainability science, and the best part was,.,,. Discussion. Owh,., come on. You guys know how great this part is. It's brainstorming event. Since I got in PARE Program, this part of study is my favorite. Oh.. then.. When its come to discussion, It was fabulous, all of the student was so great and we had a Fabulous Discussion. Even if the blizzard still playing around outside, the class was hot and live. I feel like I just got back to PARE Program Class. It's totally remind me PARE Classes, PARE Friends, and of course.. PARE Topics. Hahahahahaha

I miss "PARE Program Class" a lot

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