Happy New Year!!!

Hi Guys, How is your day?? I hope we can enjoy and get success in this year!!
Times go on, and now already 2015. Yes.. already 2015. Oke!, Here I want to share what i did to celebrate this new year. This is the first time I celebrate new year in Japan. Usually, in Indonesia there are so many fireworks everywhere. And so many people celebrate it with barbeque party, or burn corn, and so on. But here in japan, people just stay at home and some people go to shrine to pray. But what did I do? Check it out!

1. Experiment.

Yes!! no days without experiment here. Not because i love it so much. Of course I love it, but not so much. hahahaa.. Is because I have so many things to do before final presentation. So i have to finished it as soon as possible..

 2. Enjoyed Otaru
Yeay!! we go to this beautiful Otaru and enjoyed everythings there!!

3. Non Stop Shopping
I thing the best time for shopping in japan is in new year!! because so many discount. Please help me to handle it!! lol

4. Take pictures everywhere
I love take pictures so much. Here is the sun before new year!!!

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