1000 yen for 10 minute listening 48 tones

Hi All,

I don't know what i want to write for now, so i just want to share about my experience today.

Today, i experienced joint as respondent for psychological experiment. This is a kind of quitionnaire experiment. So, we are asked to listen a tone for a few second then we rate the music from 1 to 7 grades for the (1) poor ending to good ending, (2) sad to happy.

The total tone that we should heard are 48 tone. How ever, i feel like the 48 tone were not totally different. I felt like there were many repetition for the tone. Anyway this was very simple task for us just tot give the rate based on our feel.This experiment is take only about 10 minute, but we got a Q*o gift card with 1000 yen voucher. Wow.. this how Japanese researcher appreciate our 10 minute. It was very nice. 

By the way, after i searched where i can use this card, so many around 52000 shops (picture below). However, Se**omart was not include.. so sad. this the nearest convenient shops from my dormitory. But it is OK, i plan to use this card to buy chocolate in Law**n. 

I thinks, only that for today post. I wait for February 11th, then I can go home to Indonesia. I miss Indonesia so much. Angkot Bogor, Macet, Pengamen, Pisang Goreng, Nasi Padang, Mie ayam bakso,  Bara (just copy and paste those words on Google translate, its talk about you that don't know Indonesian language.. hahahha)  wait me there. I will come back soon.

Have nice last time in japan for all of you guys.

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3 Responses to 1000 yen for 10 minute listening 48 tones

  1. Daiiiiii.. don't go back..... my partner in crime in the lab... haha...

  2. huhhuuhhu,,hari itu dtg juga yaaaaa...T_T