Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

                This month in January, 11 is my birthday. the first time for me for birthday in Japan!!!.  i'm very happy so much, i don't have many people for celebration to me but i have best friend stay with me all day, lunch and dinner with me, shopping with me, travel with me and sing a song happy birth day to me. that's enough for me, everything make me happy so much.

              we went to SAPPORO BEER MUSEUM that's so beautiful. we got knowledge about sapporo beer museum that was opened in July of 1987. The 3 floor about fruit of the earth : the birth and the development of sapporo beer are dramatically introduced. The gifts of the rich earth of Hokkaido, the people's love for Hokkaido, and the story of a passion for beer brewing are exhibited. The 2 floor about the richness and brightness that is beer : the philosophy of sapporo, "To make people's lives richer and more enjoyable", is delivered to consumers. The way beer has enriched people's lives and the dream which beer creates for tomorrow are introduced through an easily understood exhibition of merchandise and advertisements.and "Relax with the freshest beer" : at the end of the tour, please enjoy the draft beer of which sapporo is understandable proud. The two tasting rooms, "Communication Corner" and "Star Hall" provide the guests with space to relax.

At the SAPPORO BEER MUSEUM staff say with us " if you take a picture with light star on floor, you will lucky"

                After that i have chance went to play ski with teacher and friend 1 day that's so difficult but very enjoy it.

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