Jojo’s Diary : January Part 1_New Year - New Journey

Happy New Year 2015,


          Hi! Everyone, this is my first blog of this year (2015). Everything like do not change from last year but I will change everything of this year to be a one of best year of my life. 

          Intro to PARE III start in this month. I have to study lectures online and discussion every Friday's night. I very happy because I meet my friends from PARE again and also new friend who join this course (include Japanese student in my laboratory) .

          Saturday 10th, "Boong" my Thai friend from Hakodate come to Sapporo. My Thai friends travel to many places in Sapporo. Boong is a excellent photographer.

           Sunday 11th is Fern's birthday. We have a small party in Italian restaurant.

          Just only 1 month, Many friends from PARE program will go back to their hometown. I will lonely but I will strongly walk on my new journey.

To be continued…

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