(More than) Fun Arubaito ^_^

Yeah, it almost 6 months, and I’ll leave Sapporo soon..

Many stories have been created, sad or happy, such as “arubaito” time. Who doesn’t know about “arubaito” or part time job? In Japanese teenager, working part time is a culture. In the immigration unit, first I was asked by the employee, am I going to do part time job while studying in Hokkaido University. At that time, I said no, just thinking that I will not be able to communicate well in Japanese and also I will not have enough time. But I’ve just started “my arubaito” a month ago.
Maybe, it is not actual arubaito, but it closed with volunteer working. Yup! It is very different from common arubaito that usually talked in Japan.
Red Team on "Snow"

Snow Bed on Roof ^_^

On Saturday morning, usually at 10 am, we started our “work”, cleaning the snow or in Japanese called as “yuki oroshi”. I and many friends (max 8 people) will “climb” up to the roof of a church in Kita 8 area. Ria, Jun, Yeni, and Ulfi (other PARE students) also ever joined our arubaito. It was a great opportunity, at least I have the experience of earning money in Japan and also feel what’s the real life in Hokkaido as artic of Japan.

In our living place (dormitory), our manager and also the “snow car” will kindly “clean” all the snow bed so we can walk easily. But, it will be different case for your “ship like” roof of your home. The church roof have shape like a ship or bowl, that’s why the snow will fill in, get thicker, and heavier and it will broke the building sometime.  That’s why, the roof have to be cleaned at least every week, and especially after heavy snow raining.
Say Hi!

Snow or Ice??

The priest is so kind, his name is Kohno sensei,, and we just call it sensei. Usually, after our working time (10 am- 12 pm), sensei’s daughter, Tsubasa san, will served lunch for us. They are so kind, because I am Muslim and I can’t eat meat or alcohol, they will provided us food without meat or alcohol. Tsubasa san is very great chef. The menus are pizza, sushi, spaghetti, miso shiru, inari sushi, fusion sushi, salad, macaroni and pasta, mochi, and cake.  I liked all of them.
When we have lunch, it is my practical Japanese class. At that time, sensei and also Tsubasa san usually try to talk with us in very simple Japanese. And we also try to reply with our limited Japanese skill. But, i was so wonderful.
Fun and Healthy (sweating in the snowy day)!!

Great lunch

Beside getting the salary, lunch, sometimes, sensei also invited us to come to some Sapporo tourist spot. Last time, we went to Mount Moiwa and Okurayama Ski Jump. Sometimes, we also got a little prize, chocolate and candies. Wooo,, it is more than arubaito.. ^_^ I will miss it so much...

Additional "Salary" --> Choco and Candy

Trip to Okurayama Ski Jump

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