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"akemashita omedetou gozaimasu"

Happy New Year 2015!

This is my first time to feel the new year's atmosphere in Japan. The New Year's Eve celebration in Japan is quite different with the new year celebration in Indonesia. In Indonesia,  there are a lot of fireworks to mark the new year and so many people get gathering in any places to celebrate the new year. While in Japan, especially in Sapporo, it was calm and quiet. Crowds only happen on mountaintops and beaches with good views of sunrise. It is believed that sunrise on new year's day has special supernatural power. Therefore, Japaneses pray for their health and families' happiness. Another place is temple or shrine. Even people who do not usually go to shrines or temples in everyday life, go at New Year's. 
However, I have my own experience at New Year's. Because it was very cold and quiet, I decided not to go anywhere. I just stayed at my dormitory and sometimes went to laboratory to check my experiment. In my dormitory, I wrote several assignments, including Japanese class assignment. Then, I sleep very early. It was a very nice rest. 

Japanese Grammar Assignment

Kanji's Assignment

Water Samples

Ion-chromatograph Operation

Ion-chromatograph Manual Handbook

In laboratory, I conducted Ion-chromatograph to analyze the water quality. I needed my Japanese friend to help me to use this equipment because it was operated by Japanese language.

That's all my experience at New Year's Eve 2015 in Japan.

Best Regards,
Shofa R. Haq

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