Nichaphat- New year 2015


      Hi! everyone.
      Happy new year!
     あましておめでとうございます (Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu)

      My new year
                  After new year, I went to Aomori with my friend by ferry. I took time about 3 hours. We departure from Hakodate on 2014, 31 Dec at 3.15 and arrived at 6.15 am. Then, we wen to Aomori JR station  by walking (walk!!!…OvO!!! so far … about 4 km…and so cold). We travel at Horisaki Castle, Showa daibutsu temple. I arrived to Hakodate on 2015, 1 Jan at 2.00 am (New year!!!). I am ver happy in this trip.

                                                                   Happy new year

                                                    walk about 4 km!!! (So far… So cold)

                                                                      Horisaki Castle

                                                            Showa Daibutsu temple

                  I my new year, I joined in a party with my Chinese  friends. My Thai friend made Thai food to share this party. In this party, I ate Japanese, Chinese and Thai food. I got new friends in this party too. I went to her house by walking . It looked about 10 minutes. I see that my friend cooked food when I arrived her house. After we finished dinner, we play card game together. We have a lot of fun.

                                                                My friend cooking food

                                                                    New year party

              Thank you … for visiting my blog
              I miss everyone.
             … Nichaphat…

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