Town have changed but hapinness is the same

        For guys who don't know me, I'm June from Thailand, SIIT, Thammasat University.
        I was arrived at Chitose airport on 8th this month. This is my second time that I come to Hokkaido. Many things have changed. It's not like Hokkaido I was stay!
       Last time I came here it's summer but now it's winter. I know you cannot imagine how surprised I was when I see a heavy snow in Hokkaido. This is my first time that I saw it. Snow, beautiful but cold.

      Sapporo, the town I have known, has gone. It’s hard to see a sun shine. It’s hard to wear thin shirt waking in a street. Everything in Sapporo turns to white.

            Although the town I have known has changed, friend still the same. I have a party with Japanese and Indonesian friends. I went to Karaoke, went shopping, cooking with friends. It's so fun. Yes, snow is cold but every times I go out, I get a lot of experience and happiness. I dare say the cold never bothered me anyway!

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