Music Box

Hello everybody!
Do you enjoy the cold of winter?

Probably most of you already visited Otaru. Yes, Otaru is a romantic city located in northwest of Sapporo. However, I don’t wanna talk about the city or the landscape. There is another thing that has stolen my mind, music box! Many people know that Otaru also best known for its music box or orgel. I really interested in music so I will not miss this special music box from Otaru ☺
Music Box

Music box actually is a kind of ancient technology. The principle of working is like phonograph. It is consisted of music sheet and the player. When we spin the handle, the music box will play a song as if we play CD on the CD player. The music sheet is made of metal that consisted of knobs and work as a music programmer. This music sheet usually placed in a revolvable drum so the music will played when you spin the handle. If you look into the music sheet, the knobs looks as if it's irregular, but it’s actually kind of program that represents the music notes. Then, the player is like a metal comb consisted of needles. The needles will touch the knob from the music sheet and play the notes as if when we are playing a piano while looking at the musical score. If you’re really wanna know and curious about the inside of the music box, you can check out this old video ☺

I was amazed with such this modest technology can produce a beautiful harmony. I hope through the PARE program, we can collaborate to make a harmony world even in a very modest way.

Thanks for reading.

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