Addressing the Food Problem in the World

The goal of PARE program is to foster individuals with four characteristics to develop global leaders in resolving the challenges related to PARE Chain in Asia. One of the four characteristics is cross-cultural ability. In my Asia-Africa Culture Language and Regionalism (ACLR) lectures in the Center of Sustainability (Census) course, we learnt how the global food problem should be addressed from different view: Developed World view; Developing World view; and Emerging World (BRICS) view. These are the result of our discussion:

In one or another way, every country in the world is facing problems related to the food security. In the developing countries, the problem of food security revolves around inadequate supply of food and inability to afford foods due to poverty and relatively high food price. In the emerging countries (BRICS) the problem of food security related to the food safety and uneven distribution of food. Different from the other developing countries, in the emerging country, food supply is not the basic problem, rather, the foods available are not well distributed due to the need to foster the economic income from the food export.
People in the developed world are facing a relatively different food security problem. It’s not about availability of food, instead the source where the foods come from. Most of the foods in the developed countries come from the developing countries where the productivity is prioritized but neglecting the appropriate way to grow the foods. The high dependence on imported food also contributes to worsen the condition in the emerging countries where the foods are produced massively without considering the animal welfare, and to worsen the condition in the developing countries where in some cases where the export are prioritized above the fulfillment of domestic needs.
Even though each country has different kind of problem, there should be one solution that can be done to solve those problems holistically. Our ACLR class final project was to find this kind of solution based on the consideration of the problem that happen in the each regions of the world.

Ratna Patriana / PARE 26-005

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