Tug and War Tournament

Hellooo PARE Members...

Today I would like to share my experience participating tug and war tournament. The tournament was held by Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, on 22-28 January 2015. It is located in front of Engineering Building, Kita 13 Nishi 8, Sapporo. All division of engineering faculty sent their representative to participate the tournament.  It is maybe about 16 teams participated at this tournament, including sustainable resource engineering,  bioengineering & bioinformatics, material science, computing science, applied physics engineering, mechanics and information, architecture, and civil engineering.

I was a member of sustainable resource engineering team by accident. Truthfully, it was not on my purpose to participate tug and war tournament. The tug and and war story begin when I was going to engineering cafeteria to have lunch. Suddenly, there was an assistant professor of my laboratory asked me to join, since he needed more people to be the member of tug and war team. One team consisted of 30 members. He said that the tournament would not take a long time. So, I join the sustainable resources team and participate in the tug and war tournament.

We defeated several teams, and finally we were defeated by human mechanical system team at semi final of the tournament.Then, at the end of tournament, human mechanical system team became a champion at this tournament. There was Arif Sugiharto, also a PARE member, joining human mechanical system team.  Speaking of which, it is said that human mechanical system has been the defending champion of this tournament since 7 years ago. It is fantastic, isn't it. In fact, it is a solid team with a great preparation plan. Congratulation..!    

Shofa  R. Haq

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