NAMFON's throw back last memory in Hokkaido

Last months
Last week
Last day
Last class
Last party
Last trip
Last meal
Last PARE blog
But not ...last good bye
Also not last time in Hokkaido and Relationship will be lasting as long as it can <3

                                                     During Sapporo snow festival

Last two weeks when I was still Hokkaido, Japan

Farewell party with Thai students

                                PARE's discussion group                          

                                           PARE members from last summer school in 2013

    Sakairi sensei and lab members

Back to the time I was belonged to Hokudai still...
          As always, I'm usually enjoyed eating and going out with my friends but at that time I also enjoyed cooking and brought bento to my laboratory or actually at that time I was too busy to go out anywhere for eat so I have to cook lol.  Anyway my last week was busy with going out with friends and finishing things

I can say that the last months was the toughest one for me since I have to finished my experiment, submitted all reports, prepared presentation and started to packing stuff. OMG! Such a hectic month right? By the way I still have a great time with many people in my grad. school and my friends so it was okieee (I mean not really depressed like that.. you know?)

Currently..I'm back  to Thailand for two weeks already
Everything here still the same before I went to Japan but I am the one who kinda changed a little since I get used to some of Japanese cultures and lifestyle, and especially the weather!! OMG! In Thailand is 35 degree Celsius while Hokkaido only minus 5 degree Celsius. :O

I still miss Hokkaido, food, weather (except snow storm haha), my lab members and sensei, especially all of my friends there.
I am not going to say if I have a chance I will go back there but I will say I will make a chance to go back there again :)

Thank you very much for gave me an opportunities to join this gorgeous program!!
And thank you everyone for sharing a great moment together and become my real friends

    With Vanessa and Dhina (My best)

With love,
Namfon Panjanapongchai
2015 February 25th

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