Have fun with snow festival

           Snow festival is one of the large event in Hokkaido. It attracts all the tourists around the world. Airplane ticket, hotel price are increasing because this festival. I have heard about snow festival since I was a child. I have never though that I have a chance to going to snow festival but luckily, I'm become a exchange student of Hokkaido University in snow festival period!
           I went to snow festival with my 2 Thai friends, Tent and Best. We very excited with a large building from the snow. We tried Japanese foods sell in this event. We also went to Tsudome to enjoy large snow slides and a snow rafting area outside the dome. It's very funny. Everything is perfect!

         I would like to Thank you PARE program which give me this chance! This is a great experience. I hope one day I can come to Sapporo and join this festival again :)

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