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Living in Sapporo has gave me priceless experience, every second is valuable moment. I learnt not only science and engineering but also social and culture. Yup! Culture is representative of society. Since Hokkaido University have many students from all over the world, I’ve got chance to learn about foreign culture, not only Japan but also other countries. In the end of year 2014, there is 忘年会 (year-end party) organised by SUIF (Sapporo Universities International Festival). We can see and enjoy other countries culture such as Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, China, Korea, etc.  This is a video of interesting Russian dance in the SUIF Festival 2014.

Saturday night on February 24, there is Korean Night in Hokkaido University. In the Korean Night, there are various shows from dancing to fashion show. They also held K-pop cover dance competition. There are many participants join the dance competition which is very energetic and fashionable. In this event, Indonesian team also have a chance to involve in the dance competition. 

Hanbok Fashion Show
In the Korean Night, we can see both traditional and modern culture of Korea. As we know, Korea has its contemporary culture, K-pop! There are many boyband, girlband, Korean drama, Korean reality show, etc that influence other countries especially developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand.

Announcement of The Winner of Dance Competition
In the other hand, Japanese culture has influence Indonesian people since long time ago prior to Korean culture. Japanese culture are very popular in Indonesia from cuisine to anime. You can found many Japanese restaurant, cafe and food stall in Indonesia, even though some of the taste has been adjust to Indonesian taste :p Sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, teppanyaki, donburi, Japanese curry rice, udon, ocha are most popular Japanese cuisine in Indonesia. When in Indonesia, I like to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Also manga characters such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Pokemon and etc are favourite for Indonesian especially among kids.

Thanks for PARE Program for giving a chance studying in Hokkaido University so I’ve got such an incredible experience :)

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