Field trip with lab. member

Hi. It's Kentaro.
I report my field trip on 22~23 Jan.
I went to field trip to several places in west Jawa with my laboratory members(14 students and 8 teachers)

In Cianjur, we visited tea plantation and discussed the tea plants and soil. the three leafs at the top of the plants are called "orange peko" and it's seemed to be the first highest quality. There were red soil caused by oxidized iron.

In Sindangbarang, we visited beach covered by black sand. It's because of iron that run into sea through river from mountain. It's first time for me to see such black beach, so I was surprised.
At night we stayed at bungalow in Rancabuaya. We could see beautiful sunset and enjoyed our time with nice dinner.

Next day, we visited geothermal electric power plant.
Near there we could see much hot steam from cracks of the ground.
I thought if it was in Japan we might make hot spring facilities and I felt like going to hot spring in Japan.
it took very long time to move from place to place, but I could learn something interesting and enjoy myself with them.

Terima kasih

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