Great Moment
I have recently realized that I have stayed here (Sapporo) for one month. Crowded schedule, amazing activities and beautiful season make me feel that the time as if running so fast. It is probably a sign that I have started to belong here, hopefully. In these two weeks I have got a lot great moment starting from joined at Ishikari Word Festival that gave me amazing experience, enjoyed the beautiful autumn scenery which is dead of gorgeous and began to cook lot of nice food every day. It is so incredible. In addition great activities in laboratories such as learned to operate some instrumentations like XRD, SEM, DR Spectrometry, Freeze drying and got dinner together in a restaurant also I have got. 

Beautiful autumn scenery
Ishikari World Festival

Dinner at Chenese Restaurant
XRD measurement

All of those are really amazing. I can’t wait for what next amazing moment later. See u at next sharing ^_^   bye ..

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