Good afternoon everyone,

On November 6th, Thai students in PARE program were invited to interview with FM iruka 80.7 ( FM いるか スタッフ80.7). The FM Iruka was a radio station in Hakodate city. Yasue Kimura was an interviewer. We were so happy and cooperate in this program. They were interviewed in Hakodate Campus, Hokkaido University. She asked us about the impression of Hakodate. We said "We like Hakodate Mt. in the night because We can see over all Hakodate city in the top view and so beautiful city. We like some foods such as sushi and sashimi because foods were very fresh and very delicious especially low cost." She asked "What actions or services would make tourist from Thailand be happy?" We said " Thai people like Japanese foods. They would like English menu because some restaurant had only Japanese menu which very difficult to order." She asked us about how to say simple sentences such as hello, thank you, etc in Thai language. Her Thai language was very good. This interview was happy and funny. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

PANNUSA Santi (PARE program student)

Santi & Chanadda with FM iruka staff
Hakodate Night!!
I like sushi in Hakodate 
Giant Hirame - So expensive!
Giant Tuna (Maguro) - Exclusive sashimi

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