New Family, New Life, and New Habit

Hello everybody,

Finnaly, i had stayed one month in Sapporo-shi. It was not easy to survive in different country. But i showed that i could pass it. Yeah! November is coming now. It means that i must finish my experiment thesis soon. Along day, i spent my time for and taking the other subject classes of Japanese, Mineral Prosessing, Environment Geology, and Geotechnical Measurement Engineering, and finishing my experiment . It was so crowded. But i tried to enjoy it. Because i realized that it was very expensive experience. Thanks PARE for the chance!
I had story when Otake-Sensei invited me to go to the Shikotsuko Lake, Salmon Aquarium Park, and the other place. I went to the lake with Otake-Sensei, Takashi-san, and May-chan. I was so lucky because have a kind sensei. He told me everything about Japan. I not only enjoy the place, but also learn about phenomena of geology. Because my major is Geological Engineering. Otake-Sensei told me about columnar joint underwater, volcanic, and the origin of Shikotsuko lake. And after taht i tried Soba. Yummy, delicious^^
Nice travelling! 

Shikotsuko Lake

Otake-sensei, Takashi-san, me (Rani), and May-chan

Me, Takashi-san, and May-chan

@Salmon Aquarium Park

Delicious Soba @Chitose

Many lesson that i had taken from this program beside of the academic experience. I learnt from my lab friends about hard-working, discipline, and many good lessons. In here, i often go back to my dormitory around at 22:00 - 23:00. It was so amazing for me. Because i never do that in my university. My friends in laboratory is like my family. They guide me how to adapt in our laboratory. Sometimes i do the silly things when i am doing the experiment. It was happened because the rule of tool in Japanese language. That's why i rather difficult to use it. I have an experiment when i am doing the XRD analysis. After finishing the experiment, i forgot to turn off the X-Ray button. So, the alarm of this tool is ringing loudly. I was so panic. I called Yasumoto-san to help me. And then, he reminded me to be careful. I was lucky because the tools were still good.

It was my new habit in here. I hope i can take good manner, positive lesson my lab's friends.

See you again. Bye^^

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  1. Hai , I wanna with you ............for these amazing moments