My first birthday in Japan

Morning all
Ganbatte kudasai!!!

In this report , I want to share about my activities and experiences in this beautiful November.
Everyday except Sunday, I went through college and doing experiments in the laboratory. As usual, I had to leave at 9 am and return at 10 or 11 pmstrong japanese culture. 


This month my first time to see and feel the snow that I had never felt before. Awesome!!
I am taking some pictures, walking, playing, touching , and writing my name "cahyo" in snow like a child. It's very amazing for me..he..he..he..

When the snow comes, my ears and my nose feels hurt and I have to wear more than one cloths. Interestingly, I still use the bike when go to campus. Many people look at me with a surprised expression. Maybe in their hearts, they're looking at a freak people. I know this is very dangerous, but on that day I was late so I use the bike for become ontime.

Beside that, this month I also celebrated my birthday on November 5th and this is the first time my birthday in another country. It is an amazing experience and I get a very beautiful gift from my lab mate, which is to go karaoke together. They are pay all and I was not allowed to pay.My Japanese friend are so kind. It all took turns singing Japanese songs, while I was singing in English because "Watashi wa Nihon-go wakarimasen".hehehe..

Maybe that's all my report for this term, thank you very much for reading and Ganbatte kudasai all!!!!

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