Three students from Kasetsart University (Thailand) go to sea!

During November 18-20, 2013, three students in the PARE Program from Kasetsart University (Chanadda Kasamechotchung, Chak Aranyakanont, and Santi Pannusa) participated in an educational cruise aboard Hokkaido University’s training vessel “Oshoro Maru”. 

Activities during the cruise included plankton sampling, oceanographic sampling, navigation, ropework, squid dissection and squid jigging! 
Chak Aranyakanont
Chanadda Kasamechotchung (right)

Santi Pannusa

The weather was rough at times, but everyone had a great experience at sea.
Oceanographic data collection (CTD)

Observing plankton

Japanese flying squid (スルメイカ)

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