Good morning all
                Do not feel, I 've passed one month in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The season did not seem to change from autumn to winter. At  this report, I will report my activities in laboratories and others.
                   As usual, I went to my laboratory at 9.00 am and go home at 10.00pm, from Monday to Saturday. I am very happy  because in Earth and Environmental Science Department's laboratoium, I can do the synthesis reaction of organic compounds that can not do in Indonesia. All chemicals available in here. In addition, I can perform a variety of reactions that can only be writed in a excercise book. In this laboratory also, I get my new experiences. I can operate its own 500 MHz NMR instrument, was incredible, awesome, sugoi!!! Things of course can not be done in Indonesia.

         In addition, I also took time to visit some place with a nice spot to take a picture.  I love photography and spot in Hokkaido university never made me bored because there are so many spots that are very awesome. At the end of this autumn, Hokkaido University visited by many tourists. They enjoy and take some pictures as memories. It also makes me trouble in taking photos.

                     I also took time to follow the Ishikari festival with others foreign students especially Indonesia students. We show dance, make Indonesian foods, try kimono, try food from other countries, singing with other foreign students and many other interesting things.

 Thank you for read my report and wait my 2nd report. Enjoy Sapporo!!!
Best regards
Nurcahyo Iman Prakoso

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