Motive for studying Indonesian language

Last Sunday, unlucky happening was occurred.

I had a nap, and woke up at 3 pm. Then, I went out to have lunch.

I had stir-fried vegetables, rice and lemon tea (Cap Cay, Nasi Putih, Es Lemon Teh). It was good and I was satisfied.

On the way to go back to my dormitory, I dropped into another restaurant to take out a dinner.
I said “Saya mau makan di asrama (I want to eat in dormitory)”, aiming to tell a clerk that I want to take out. He seemed to understand what I mean (but I can’t understand what he said), so I ordered and paid. However, he said to me “you can eat here (I guess) ” with smiling...

Unfortunately, I had lunch only 30 minutes ago.
But there was nothing I can do, so I had the second lunch...

At that time, I thought I should study Indonesian language more.

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2 Responses to Motive for studying Indonesian language

  1. Morimitsu San,

    Apa kabar?? I am happy that now you do not have a problem with Indonesian food. Just a tips for you; the seller sometimes do not understand if you say : "Saya mau makan di asrama", better you can say "Saya pesan cap cay (or something), di bungkus", that means you will take out your food. If the seller still do not understand, please prepare a piece of paper that you have written, the menu that you want to and give it to the seller...
    I think today is holiday in Indonesia (Islamic new year), enjoy your holiday and Ganbate...

    1. Priyo,
      Thank you for your advice. Next time, I will do that way.
      Terima kasih.
      You also Ganbatte!