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Real sign that winter has come.
While we were in busy for doing research and coming to the class as my mine daily activities, the great snow came suddenly and sent us a message that long winter was recently began. It is real sign that my snow boat and big coat has to be taken out from my closet. It is also a symptom that I need to put my bicycle in garage sooner. Nevertheless it is amazing moment for me as someone never sees snow directly before. “It is nice to see but it is not nice to touch” that my first impression of snow in my head. It is a little bit different from my imagination. However, it is so incredible. 

Another amazing experience getting in last two weeks was to get experience operating analytical instrumentation such as SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and BET by myself. It really improved my hard skill and absolutely that was beneficial for my research. Apart from the fact that was not easy to adapt my laboratory system, I am really lucky to get these great experiences. Let improve our spirit… keep fighting ^_^

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