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In this posting I will not share my experience about lecture, laboratory or field activity. This is actually only “a piece of cake” however it is very important to be more paid attention. Some of you perhaps have the same experience with your name’s writing and pronunciation in Japanese. There are three kinds of letter and they are complementary each other. When you read a Japanese newspaper, you will find mix of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Kanji is the oldest one and has limited letters therefore it cannot be used for writing word in another language (like English), that is why people name usually written in Katakana.

PRIYO ADI NUGROHO that is my name, there are three words. PRIYO in Katakana it could be PU-RI-YO(プリヨ); PI-RI-YO ( リヨ) or PU-RIY-O (プリオ). Likewise NUGROHO it could be NU-GU-RO-HO (ヌグロホ); NU-GE-RO-HO (ヌゲロホ). My Japanese friends sometimes confuse to translate my name in Katakana. However consistency is the most important one to write your name in Katakana. When you decide to write ヌグロホ, do not ever to change becoming ヌゲロホ, some problems will see you in the future.

プリヨ ア ヌグロホ
My name in Katakana

One day, I got a call from a bank officer that I should meet him to clear a mistake immediately. There is a different way in writing my name between agriculture faculty office and bank. This is beyond my control. He suggested that I have to choose one of two ways in writing my name and always use it for the next time. This is very important because it will relate to money withdrawal from my account bank for paying dormitory, insurance, etc. Thank God, now that problem is already clear, over and over because of my supporter assistance. Thank you Shinya Iwasaki San.  
 Me and My Supporter

 Thank you for reading my posting and please don’t forget to check your name …c u..

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