Yes, now I already live in here for 4 months and I already my research in here.Well, about my research I just continue my lab mate's work in here. Maybe because I still not familiar with the software so I still fail to analyze something and I just have 3 months to finish that research. Luckily, my Sensei understands about my situation. Even though like that I don't want to make him disappointed so I have to more hard work again.   頑張って.....^^
In this program I take 11 credits that's why I also can't really focus on my research. Some of my subject have already finished in this week but I have to prepare for a final and mid exam for next week. Yeah, at the first time my Sensei also surprise after  hear I will take 14 credits. Now, I realize why he is so surprise because my research  need 3-6 hours for once analyze and I also have to attend the class with some assignment. But, I have to keep my spirit to finish this research and don't make disappointed.

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