Hello. My name is Mitsuyasu Hirose. I'm second year master degree student in the Graduate of School of Environment Science, Hokkaido University. Ten days have passed since The PARE program began, I thought time was passing so quickly because of experiments, preparation of my life and communication with students in Kasetsart University. Originally though my characteristic is self conscious, I'm happy to be able to have new experiences thanks to PARE.
 Today I will introduce a part of my life. Please watch the first photo, it's my department of Agro-Industry, where I study. There is Thai particular flower named Wassana flower in front of the building. Its good smells lets me fresh every morning. My laboratory members, their colleagues and even Prof. Nuttakan, my supervisor, are very cheerful and powerful. Their mood encourages me to take experiments.

 Next photo was taken at Kaset Fair, market in the university. I often go there with my friends to have a dinner. There are very crowded with many people. I am surprised at some discoveries at the place like festivals.

 Fortunately Since I arrived in Thai, I have never been caught in heavy rain. So I could felt Thai particular smells, go to various places and make my life easy. But Haiyan typhoon is coming to Thai, I will take care of this weekend when I will go to sea. 

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