Good evening, every body.

        Two weeks ago, I was  practiced the technique of cloning DNA (Pick up 

colony, Colony PCR, Liquid culture, Plasmid Mini prep (Alkaline lysis method), 

Insert check,RNAse Treatment and DNA sequencing by Sanger’s method (ddNTP's 

with fluorescent markers). I learnt its from Noriko Azuma sensei (先生)  and 

my lab friends. They have to help me as very well. 

       The last Saturday I went to mushroom hunting at  Shiki no mori with 

Azuma sensei and my friends.

And last Monday, It was a holiday. I went to Showa shinzan volcano and Toya lake 

with IFA club (IFA is international friendship affairs.) They are beautiful and 

I was so excited when I saw the volcano because It is first time for me

See you next time,

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