1st Report of Nov 2013

Hi all…
I want to share my activities at the last two weeks. On 27th Oct 2013, I and fifteen friends from Indonesia participated in Ishikari World Festival which was held by NPO Ishikari to introduce foreign country’s culture to Ishikari Citizen. The event was attended by eighteen countries and Indonesia was one of them. The Indonesian booth displayed traditional music instrument “angklung”, Indonesian food, wayang (a type of puppet theatre), etc. 

On 28th Oct 2013, I and two friends from IPB, two from ITB, and two from UGM attended PARE Introduction Program for Summer School in Indonesia and Thailand. The event was held in the Centennial hall of Hokkaido University.

On 3rd Nov 2013, I and some Moslem friends from Indonesia were invited by Mr. Sahat (Indonesia Businessman who live and work in Sapporo Japan) to celebrate his moving house to the new one. We were delighted for the invitation because he serves Indonesia traditional food such as rendang (a curry-like meat dish).

Before we go to his new house, I had taken time to take some photos with the tree in autumn season as background.

On 9th Nov 2013, I was invited by Prof. Noriyuki Tanaka (my sensei in Census) to the welcome party in Kushiyaki Oden "Kon" Ekimae-ten. I had a chance to taste some Japanese foods, such as sashimi, miso soup etc. Before we begin to eat, Nori sensei gave an opening speech as welcome remarks. During dining we also had some discussions with each other, and I felt very honored when I was given the chance to deliver speech as new member in our Lab. All of them ordered Beer or Sake for drink, and you know what?! Only I as a Moslem drank orange juice and mineral water… Really, it’s a memorable experience..:)

Warm Regards,
Ari Suharto 

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