Early November in Hakodate

Good afternoon everyone, This is a 3-8 November report to PARE program. Now I already leaved in Hakodate for 1 month. Living in Hakodate is an extremely valuable experience, it is a great moment and also I would like to share my experience of living here.

Many activities in this month were started with training in new technique so that I conduct to apply in my work in the future. Moreover I had learned the Japanese languages and cultures. Those of Japanese people made me had a surprising in their really kindness. However, I had not ignored the relax times. So, sometime I joined the International Student Offices’ trip like the trip at Onuma Park on weekend and also try many Japanese foods. Even though the weather is getting cool, I don’t forget to take cared the health. I think that this situation is an important thing for everyone to keep strong and healthy.

Ms. Naruemon Jommark

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One Response to Early November in Hakodate

  1. Hakodate is great city to Visit , last year I was in Hakodate for business purpose , Enjoy life @ Hakodate