Hello November

Hello again...
Welcome, November.
Today, I saw small white ice while I was walking in the rain from The Office of International Affairs to Agriculture faculty. It seems like winter will come soon. Are you ready for winter, guys??
I hope winter not cut down your spirit to go to school. LOL. I wish for myself too.

Last week, I had a welcome party.

That was fun and friendly. At that party every single newcomer had a time to introduce his/her self and I tried to introduce myself in Japanese.
I said : "hajimemashite, watashiwa Della desu. Indonesia kara kimashita. Dozo yoroshiku, onegaishimasu." hahahaha. Finally I did it. I hope my Japanese language skill will be better every day. LOL.
At the same time I hope my research going well too.
See you.. ^^

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One Response to Hello November

  1. Where is party tonight , I will join sure