2nd Report by 22 Nov 2013

Hi dearest reader…

Here are some my activities I had in the last two weeks. On the second week of November 2013, I and four friends had a chance to give presentation in environmental ethics class. Subject of the presentation was related to relation between application of logical thinking and normative discussion on the analysis of “Darwin’s nightmare”. Our problem statement on that presentation was social inequality.
On 8th Nov 2013, all of member of CENSUS (center for sustainability) attended award ceremony of Sustainability Research Poster Contest. You can find details article about it in Hokkaido University homepage: http://sustain.oia.hokudai.ac.jp/sw/pic/. One of our lab members namely Mr. Devon was given award in outstanding presentation category on the subject of human well-being.
On 19th Nov 2013 I wrote an article about winter in Hokkaido for the Indonesian Student Association homepage. You can find it here: http://www.ppi-hokkaido.org/iKolomMahasiswa5_AriSuharto

On 21st Nov 2013, I and some member of CENSUS attended the first Sustainability Environmental Leader Summit which took place in Conference Hall of Hokkaido University. The aim of this event was to provide an opportunity for stimulating networking of alumni communities of Environmental Leader programs in respective universities, including Census Special coordinated training program for Sustainability Leaders and Sustainability Meisters: StraSS program at Hokkaido University. On the event, universities representation came from Tsukuba, Hiroshima, Tokyo etc.

On 23-24 nov 2013 I will visit Hakodate to attend event of final presentation by participants of ECOSUS Aqua and will share the experience in my next report.

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