three weeks have passed

Hello, long time no see, Hirose desu. Have passed three weeks since I arrived, but I cannot go to sea (ta lee) which is my dream. In Thai, because of car-oriented society, I can’t go far through bridges. I wish my dream comes true someday.
Now I will introduce my subject and others about life. At first, my subject is to extraction the materials applied for environmental solution from mycobacteria. In Thai cassava is very famous (Though I have never eaten). So we have the gavage from cassava. But there is microorganism on the gavage. So my plan is to extract the materials from the organism.
And about my life, I got used to eat thai foods. They are so hot, not warmed and have particular smell. And Thai people seem to dislike the KOGE; a overcooked part and the clerk remove them by scissors. I often have trouble to explain how delicious it is.
 Now I have trouble to learn Thai language. It is difficult to pronounce, so I can’t communicate with friends, but I always have troubles against everyone. So I would like to learn it early. 

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