Sampling and Loy Krathong festival

Last Thursday, I sampled at the rice field in this campus with some member in my laboratory. After that we went to the insect museum near the rice field. We could watch various insects. Some insects are colorful, beautiful, cute and cool, and other insects are harsh and frightening.

Last Saturday, I went to Loy Krathong festival in Kamphaeng Sean campus. In this festival, people pray for water and purify themselves. This is held at the night with full moon on November in every place in Thailand. Loy Krathong may resemble Tsuki-mi in Japan. People floated lanterns decorated with candles, joss sticks and flowers and did let paper balloon fly. The balloon was large as two times as human’s trunk. It flew by the heat of fire. When it flew higher, it looked like red star. Many balloons flew and the scene was beautiful.

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