My name is Osaki Shohei.

Hello, every one!


My name is Osaki Shohei. Osaki is my family name and Shohei is my first name. I’m a first year master degree student in graduate student of agriculture, Hokkaido University.

I arrived at Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Sean campus on 31 October. I was going to come here on 30 October, but I couldn’t come because of the airplane maintenance.

I live at the international dormitory of Kasetsert University Kamphaeng Sean campus. In the next day I bought daily necessities at the supermarket near Kamphaeng Sean campus.

On November 2 and 3, I went to the temple because I participate in the Buddhism initiation of the faculty of my laboratory. The contents are sitting meditation, walking and midnight sitting meditation. I can’t explain the Buddhism initiation because I’m not familiar with Thai Buddhism. I couldn’t take part in the midnight sitting meditation because of my short concentration. I couldn’t pass the first sitting meditation. Though this was regrettable, Thai Buddhism activities, buildings and so on were new for me and I enjoyed them.

In the last week, I proceeded, and take the introduction of class and discussion about my experiment. On the other hand, I went to other temple and outdoor markets in the campus. In the outdoor markets, I bought a T-shirt and foods.

I enjoyed my life in Thailand. But I became sick on Friday in the last week. Although I don’t think I’m tired, I might become tired than my expectation. So I  postponed

Now I’m fine. So I started my experiments and lecture in earnest.


Thank you,

Osaki Shohei.

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2 Responses to My name is Osaki Shohei.

  1. Dear Oaki kun
    I am pleased to hear that you are fine and enjoy Thailand. By the way, do you have the account of FACEBOOK? If so, please let me know your account? If not, could you make an account and send a request of "friend" to my account? I would like to add you in the group of "PARE".

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